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FLOTSAM Contest Winners!

Air MailWell, here are the results!

It was initially overwhelming to think I could pick just one out of all those photos. As I went through them several times, a number began to stand out. I focused on ones that were not only interesting ideas, but good photographs. I’m sure there was an element of luck involved, as the cameras were not professional quality, but that was part of the fun.

I compiled a group of about ten. That became four or five. Finally, there were three. At different times I thought each one of them was going to be the one. But, "Waterproof Words" had caught my eye from the beginning, and in the end it had a simplicity and magical quality that captured the wonder of reading.

This was hard!

"Sand trout in a wash" is a very interesting picture. Everything about the trees and grasses suggest flowing water, yet there’s no water. Really nice.

"Juneau tourists" is very funny, and very nicely photographed to accentuate the scale.

We'll feature more bookstores' photos here in the coming days.


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